Family Case Management

Happy FamilyThe Family Case Management (FCM) Program serves pregnant women and infants.

Women who are pregnant, have a child under the age of one, and who are on Medicaid may be eligible. FCM has two other programs as well, Healthworks Illinois and APORS.

The experienced and dedicated case managers of the Madison County FCM program can help with:

  • Understanding the importance of prenatal care
  • Providing information on parenting
  • Finding a doctor for mother or children’s care
  • Understanding the importance of immunizations
  • Providing an understanding of child growth and development
  • Understanding the importance of keeping all doctor appointments
  • Assisting in finding referrals, housing, food, and utilities



The health care system for children in DCFS custody is called Healthworks of Illinois. Healthworks nurses help foster parents and DCFS caseworkers find local doctors for children in state custody for initial health screenings, comprehensive health screenings, and ongoing health care. Medical Case Management will continue to follow and assist children in state custody from birth to five years of age.

Hugging babyAPORS: Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting System

The health care system for children born with special needs is called APORS. This program provides a registered nurse to visit enrolled mothers and babies in the home. These free visits will be completed on a periodic basis until the child reaches the age of two years. The purpose of these visits is to monitor growth and development using the ASQ3 Developmental Screen, monitor length, weight, and head size based on standard growth charts, teach infant care, answer questions, and make referrals to any agencies that may be of assistance to mothers and their children.